I am a public relations professional in Austin, Tx. My current role focuses on consumer and lifestyle PR.

 I am always looking to connect and network. Let's meet for a coffee or cocktail. Email me at 


I am a Midwest girl (born in St. Louis) that found herself growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, attending college in Auburn, Alabama and kicking off a career in Austin, Texas. My family has spent the longest amount of time in Indianapolis, Indiana. I feel most conflicted when people as me where I am from. And for now, I call Austin home base.  

Growing up around the country has made me an adventurous human with no fear of new places. I dream of seeing the world and finding what truly makes my soul happy. 

I am the oldest of two sisters, and I think my natural instinct is to constantly give advice. So although my site isn't an advice column, I hope it helps someone grow and discover. 

Besides that, my site is meant as a journal as I chronicle my way through my career and travels as well as write about things I love.